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Electrically Heated Melting & Holding Crucible Furnace for Aluminium

Features :-

1) S.C.R. Power Control provide better melting efficiency.

2) Two thermocouples are used to control the furnace temperature, Furnace chamber temperature is measure by a thermocouple outside the crucible & for melting Bath, a thermocouples is place inside the crucible to measure the molten temperature. Temperature overshoot is reduced, thus improved the quality of the melt.

3) Furnace is equip with a Leak Detector, power will be cut off if leakage occur to protect the furnace.

4) Emergency outlet for safe draining of the melt in case of crucible breakage.

5) Al2O3 formation is below 3% whereas its about 8% when its melt in a Diesel furnace.



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